CHOICE Pharmacy Program

CapitalCare Pharmacy is a publicly funded service focused on meeting the needs of individuals accessing continuing care. As an integrated part of CapitalCare, our mission is to deliver person-centred care with dignity and kindness.

Your CHOICE pharmacist provides person-centred services that reflect your medication needs and preferences. They will work to:

  • Develop a personalized, comprehensive medication plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.
  • Make recommendations for changes that improve your quality of life.
  • Work with you, your caregivers and community supports to make sure your medication routine works.
  • Be accessible and available to meet with you at the CHOICE program.
  • Review your medications every three months to ensure your drug therapy evolves as your needs and goals change.  


  • Your pharmacist can help you navigate drug coverage to optimize your benefits.
  • Medication costs are direct billed to third party insurance coverage. You will receive a monthly statement for any remaining copays.
  • Dispensing fees are waived every second week.
  • CapitalCare Pharmacy CHOICE clients are eligible for support to help cover the costs of prescription medications, should their co-pays be over $100.00 per month. Medications sourced from outside pharmacies are not eligible.


  • Should a need arise for respite, a transition in care, or to recover from an illness, our care beds offer additional support when it is needed. Your CHOICE pharmacist will continue to support you during your stay and address any urgent medication needs.
  • 24/7 on call pharmacist is available should an urgent need arise after-hours while in your own home. There are no added fees for accessing the on-call pharmacist.


  • Enjoy the benefits and supports of continuing care pharmacy services while living in your own home.
  • CapitalCare Pharmacy has invested in technology to offer specialized medication packaging to reduce medication errors.
  • When needed, a vacation supply of medications can be provided at no extra cost.

CHOICE Norwood Pharmacist Phone Number: 587 460 2848

CHOICE Dickinsfield Pharmacist Phone Number: 780 371 6638