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Edmonton, Alberta  T5G 3A2    
T  780.496.3200

Last Updated March 1, 2021 at 2:00pm

CapitalCare Norwood is on Alberta Health's list of continuing care centres on outbreak. Currently, three patients on 3 AMP post-acute program are active with COVID-19.  Read More.

Visitation is limited to Designated Support Persons (DSPs) at this time. However, until most Albertans are protected by the COVID-19 vaccine, and to help limit the number of people in our centre while we are on outbreak, DSPs are asked to evaluate their need to be physically present onsite in order to support their loved one.

For compassionate reasons, visitation continues in the hospice program (1 AMP). We ask that you schedule your visits by calling 780.496.3251.

All DSPs and visitors must:
• continue to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including eye protection and masks, at all times;
• refrain from eating or drinking with their loved ones in all neighbourhoods while we remain on outbreak.

In-person social visits are not permitted under Alberta’s current restrictions. We encourage family and friends to connect by teleconference and telephone. These visits can be scheduled using the online booking system.

Laundry pick up and drop off services continue at the front reception. Please come to the centre between 10 am and 6pm to drop off items. Please refrain from coming to the centre between 2:30-3:30pm as staff COVID-19 screening is occurring at this time.

We accept deliveries of small gift baskets for residents and patients. Coffee and snacks for residents and patients are also welcome. 

For more information or general questions please email us at info@capitalcare.net.

Parking Lot Closure - Norwood Redevelopment Project - Current as of March 1, 2021

PLEASE NOTE: the covered parking at CHOICE is only permitted on weekdays after 1630hrs and on weekends for Green Accessible Parking Permit holders only.  Please DO NOT park in the CHOICE designated stalls (signage posted in these stalls) closest to the CHOICE entrance doors or you may be tagged and towed.

CapitalCare Norwood Re-Development Project Update - Click here

Seven-story tower, garden to highlight massive CapitalCare Norwood revamp.

June 11, 2018 - Alberta Health Services has unveiled its designs for the giant project...Read More.

Norwood is located in central Edmonton, across from the Royal Alexandra Hospital and beside the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. Once a traditional long-term care centre with 205 beds, Norwood now offers a mix of programs which include post-acute care, a palliative hospice and complex long-term care in an environment that supports choice, autonomy and, where possible, independence.  Norwood's specialized programs are:

Alternative Level of Care:

  • For individuals with stable medical conditions who no longer require treatment in acute care, but require further assessment to determine the optimal living option (home care, supportive living or long-term care).

 Chronic Ventilator Unit (Red Eagle Ridge):

  • For individuals with significant chronic illness and complex health needs who require ventilation.
  • Health team includes 24-hour Respiratory Therapists to support ventilator care.

Restorative Care:

  • Support for individuals, often frail seniors, who wish to return to their home/community after an acute episode which required hospitalization.
  • Provides continued rehabilitation, clinical care and discharge planning to ensure a successful return to home.

 Click here to download our Restorative Care brochure.

Post-Acute Care:

  • For individuals with significant but stable medical conditions who require an extended period of recovery following the acute phase of a surgery, illness or accident.
  • Provides continued rehabilitation, clinical care and discharge planning to ensure a successful return to home.

 Click here to download our Post-Acute brochure.

Acquired Brain Injury Unit (North Horizons):

  • Provides a safe and secure environment for individuals with spontaneous and unpredictable behaviors that are the outcome of an accident or injury to the brain.

Palliative Hospice

For More Information

*Assessment by Alberta Health Services is required before admission to this centre. For more information call 780.496.1300 or click here.