Career Opportunities


Please be aware that CapitalCare never requests fees, endorses training through third-parties or directly hires applicants without a screening process. These are not legitimate CapitalCare job offers and are fraudulent. If you receive a job offer that involves the payment of fees or offers free food and accommodation, it is a scam and you are asked to contact:

Signs of Recruitment Fraud

  • Any message styled to look like it was sent from an CapitalCare using a different format is not authentic.
  • Contact information in the form of a mobile phone number or an address outside of Alberta is not a CapitalCare office.
  • You are instructed to pay money to secure employment.
  • There is an insistence on urgency and repeated contact from the sender.


If you submit your resume via e-mail, please submit in a Word version document.

Attention: Browser Issues

We are currently experiencing issues with receiving online applications submitted through internet browsers including: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari, as well as applications submitted from mobile devices.

To ensure your application is received in its entirety, please use Internet Explorer (versions 7-10) to apply online or email your resume directly to and include the competition number you are applying on in the subject line.