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Edmonton commemorative event honours 21 Canadian soldiers who helped liberate the Netherlands in 1945

Edmonton Journal - Close to two dozen veterans were honoured at Edmonton’s Kipnes Centre on Wednesday for their service liberating the Netherlands from Nazi rule 76 years ago. Read More.


Alberta Budget 2021

Global News - The provincial budget was delivered by Finance Minister Travis Toews, including detailed plans to spend $246 million on the Gene Zwozdesky Centre at Norwood over the next three years. Read More.


Long-term care residents receive second shot of COVID-19 vaccine.

A little bit more hope has been injected into local long-term care centres.

CapitalCare Strathcona residents have received their second doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Read More.


CapitalCare Lynnwood now COVID-19 free.

CTV News - “We are grateful for the support of our families and staff as we worked through this challenging time,” Bonnie Roberts, Site Director at CapitalCare Lynnwood. CapitalCare Lynnwood is now COVID-free. Read More.


CapitalCare Strathocona residents feeling the love amid the pandemic.

The Sherwood Park News - Sometimes you just need a reminder that someone is thinking of you and that you're loved. Armed with 60 care packages and signs of encouragement, Strathcona Christian Academy grade 10 to 12 students paid a physically distanced outdoor visit to CapitalCare Strathcona residents. Read more.


What you need to know about mRNA vaccines

When the opportunity came to get the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, Sahra Kaahiye, a respiratory therapist at CapitalCare Norwood, she decided to get it. At first, Kaahiye was worried about getting it but then she said she did her homework. Read More.


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