For Researchers

Researchers wishing to conduct research at CapitalCare’s centres must apply for operational approval. It is recommended that the application be completed a minimum of two months before the research is to commence. Ethics approval is also required as part of the operational approval process. Please contact your University or College for more information about your institution’s health research ethics approval process. Applications for research linked to the organization’s research areas or strategic plan will be given priority.
CapitalCare Operational Approval Application Form 

For more information on operational approval or the application process, please contact us at or (780) 413-4743.

About Us

CapitalCare has an established reputation in the research field. In the last two decades the organization has conducted and hosted over 100 research projects. The Research and Evaluation team facilitates the conduct of corporate research, quality improvement and evaluation projects, as well as original research projects. Our team supports members of CapitalCare, along with external researchers, in their efforts to improve continuing care through research, innovation and knowledge translation. Our work is always in support of CapitalCare’s Vision, Mission, and Values.

Research Themes & Projects

CapitalCare aspires to provide excellent person-centred care through compassion, evidence-based practice, and innovation. The Research and Evaluation team works towards achieving this goal by pursuing research that will meaningfully impact our residents, their families, and our staff.  Our research is focused around several key areas, including:

  • Quality of life for residents
  • Continuity and quality of care for residents
  • Engagement with residents, family members and friends
  • The physical and social environment
  • Workplace culture and leadership

Recent Projects

  • Experiences of Long-term Care and Supportive Living Residents and Families during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Detection of COVID-19 Antibodies Post COVID-19 Vaccination
  • Improving Resident Communication during Outbreaks
  • Does the Potential Benefit of Bedtime Antihypertensive Prescribing Extend to Frail Populations?
  • Use of Electronic Screens to Improve Direct Care Staff Knowledge of Resident Care Needs and Changes

Contact Us

CapitalCare Research and Evaluation Team
6th Floor, 10909 Jasper AVenue  T5J 3M9
Ph: 780.413.4743