Last updated July 26 at 9:00 am

On July 20, CapitalCare centres began Phase 1 of our plan to lift current limits to dining and recreation activities, and additional screening for residents who go off-site.

On July 26, we are lifting remaining visitor restrictions. 

Outbreak protocols, single-site staffing and other measures will remain in place to protect the health and safety of residents and staff and may be included in Phase 2 of the plan to be announced at a later date.

Screening (The following changes took effect July 20)

As of July 20, residents and patients no longer need to be screened twice a day. 

Recreation and Dining Activities

All limits to recreation activities for residents are removed and most activities that residents enjoyed pre-pandemic (card games, group meal preparation, baking, buffets, etc.) may resume, with no distancing, and no masking required for residents.

Some restrictions continue to apply for staff, entertainers, and music therapists who provide singing activities indoors. Outdoor singing is allowed. Singers outside do not need to be masked but need to maintain physical distance from residents.

Visitation (The following changes are effective July 26)

Starting July 26, residents and patients can have any number of visitors, and visitors no longer need to schedule their visits. This means an end to the practice of classifying family and friends as either Designated Support Persons (DSPs) or social visitors, and an end to using the online booking system to schedule your visit. Family and friends are welcome to DROP-IN and stay as long as you want to, as long as you enter the building during our new ENTRY TIMES.

Starting July 26, you will notice some changes to our website.  The online booking system is no longer needed and “Visiting Hours” are changing to “Entry Times.” This is because everyone who enters the building still needs to be screened, and the entry times reflect the times screeners will be present.

One exception is for family and friends visiting a resident at end-of-life. You may come to the centre at any time and use the buzzer to enter the building after hours.

You will also notice that the tents we had set up at the centres for visiting outdoors will be gone. Please continue to maintain physical distance from other residents and visitors while you visiting indoors or outdoors.


Visitors are allowed to join recreation programs.  However, visitors must remain masked at all times in common areas, refrain from eating and drinking, and stay with their loved one.  Visitors should not be assisting with serving or assisting other residents at this time.  

Visitors can remove masks in private rooms or private visiting areas. In a shared room situation, the other resident/patient(s) must consent before a visitor can remove a mask and physical distancing of two metres must be maintained.

All staff, students, service providers and volunteers must wear a mask continuously, at all times, and in any areas of the site where treatment is being provided.

Virtual Visits

We ask family members and friends who are visiting in-person to facilitate these visits going forward, where possible.  If you need assistance, please connect with the Coordinator of Volunteer Services at your centre or a recreation team member. As well, we invite you to follow us on the CapitalCare Facebook page to see photos and videos of residents engaging in activities or to pass along messages.

COVID-19 Vaccination

As of July 19, the vast majority (86 to 100 per cent) of long-term care residents across CapitalCare centres have received both doses of vaccine. We continue immunizing residents and patients on admission if they haven’t yet received their first dose and scheduling second doses as they come due.

All Albertans over the age of 12 are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine click here

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