Family Support and Visitation

Last updated November 24, 2020 at 5:30pm

We are experiencing an increase in the number of active cases of COVID-19 across our centres, and are doing all we can to stop the spread of COVID-19 at all CapitalCare centres. 

Designated Support Persons (DSPs) are asked to refrain from coming to certain centres or affected neighbourhoods, unless the resident’s care needs cannot be met without their assistance, and until we receive the results of all tests that are pending. If you are a DSP, please check your centre’s webpage before coming to the centre.

In-person social visits remain paused at all centres. Virtual and window visits, as well as telephone calls are offered at all sites so that you may stay connected with your loved ones during this difficult period. Please use the online booking form to arrange these types of visits.

A Message from the CMOH:

We understand and appreciate how difficult it has been to maintain connections with your loved ones these past nine months. We received a letter last week from Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH), asking us to pass onto to you her deep appreciation for the efforts you are making each day to protect yourselves and others during the pandemic. Dr. Deena Hinshaw is also asking for your continued vigilance at this very precarious time. Specifically,

Of residents, the CMOH is asking that you:

  1. Avoid going out of the centre when there is not a critical need
  2. Observe site rules for indoor and outdoor activities
  3. Reach out to your centre contacts for support if ongoing restrictions are causing you distress.

Of family members, the CMOH is asking that you:

  1. Continue to connect with your loved one(s) through telephone and other technologies

Of DSPs, the CMOH is asking that you

  1. Evaluate your need to be physically present at the centre (based on resident need)
  2. Connect with the person you are supporting by telephone and other technologies whenever possible
  3. Follow our Safe Visiting policy and practices when at the centre
  4. Follow public health guidance to minimize your risk.

If you must come to the centre, please ensure you:

  1. do not have symptoms that could be a sign of COVID-19
  2. have not had contact with anyone who does not follow the COVID-19 guidelines, or is being tested, or waiting for test results for COVID-19.
  3. maintain the masking protocols in the centre,
  4. limit physical contact with the person you are supporting, and ensure physical distancing whenever possible,
  5. limit your movements in the centre. Please go directly to your resident’s space and remain there for your visit.

Ensuring we practice these public health measures will help us get through the challenging weeks ahead, and help ensure further restrictions are not needed, closer to the holidays. We ask for your continued support in partnering with us to keep your loved ones safe.

Town Hall

You are invited to attend a Telephone Town Hall with Dr. Deena Hinshaw and Dr. James Silvius from Alberta Health Services to discuss the ongoing pandemic. Register by clicking the link below for the session that works best for you.

Christmas gift giving:

As the Christmas season nears, families are asking how they can recognize staff at the centres. Many of our staff have indicated that the kindest and most meaningful gestures are receiving messages of gratitude. This goes a long way to boosting everyone’s spirits!

We support recognition of teams as all team members have a role to play in supporting resident care. If you would like to give a gift, please consider all team members and follow COVID-19 safety guidelines.  Here are some safe team gratitude recommendations.

  • Store bought Food items, individually wrapped i.e.: Individual wrapped cookies, individual wrapped chocolates, individual chip bags, granola bars
  • Hand cream (pump style) for the team rooms
  • Donation for a group staff lunch ( we will arrange and ensure best practice for COVID-19 food service)
  • Pens for the nursing unit. Each staff have their own pens and are asked not to share pens for COVID reasons. They truly love pens as they are used all day long!
  • Messages of gratitude in cards for all staff to see
  • Individual sized wrapped tea bags or coffee pods/sleeves for staff to enjoy at break times.

 Gifts for your loved ones:

This year, as we did at Mother’s and Father’s Day, our CapitalCare Foundation is providing the opportunity to purchase small gifts for your loved ones at the centres. These are gift baskets of goodies or the Christmas floral arrangement. These will be delivered the week of Christmas. By using this as a gifting option it helps us to manage the numbers of deliveries and gifting processes, which all take staff time to manage. For all the order details check on the weekly family newsletter under the items from CapitalCare Foundation.

If you have any further questions or comments please email us at:

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