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New: CapitalCare Kipnes Centre for Veterans visitation update. Read more.

CapitalCare McConnell Place North visitation update. Read more.

Family Support and Visitation

Thank you for your support of our Safe Visitation policy. Please plan your visits during the centre’s visiting hours, which vary by site. Remember, all visits need to be pre-arranged with the centres.

New: Starting October 1, centres will be set up for indoor social visits with family and friends who are not Designated Support Persons (DSPs). Please note:

  • Only two visitors plus the resident (total of three persons) are permitted for an indoor visit, as stated in CMOH Order 29-2020.
  • All visitors coming into our buildings (DSP or others) must complete the screening. This can take up to 20 minutes. This online screening option will help to speed up the process. Please complete two days prior to your visit.
  • Visitors are to stay in the visit locations only.
  • Please plan bathroom breaks for before you arrive and after you leave. Public use of our washrooms is very limited at this time.
  • Food, beverages, and gifts must be wiped down at the door.
  • Please plan for one visit/week for each resident (Not including DSP visits)
  • Limited spaces are available, as well as limitations on times due to accommodating shift changes and resident recreation programming spaces. We have tried to make available as much time as possible, depending on staffing resources.
  • To ensure equity we ask families to coordinate visits, planning for one visit/week/resident over and above DSP visits.
  • The online scheduling app has already been adjusted to reflect the new indoor locations. Outdoor visits are now only available until Sept. 30.

Designated Support Persons
Please speak with your care manager to schedule your visits. (Do not use the online booking form.)

Risk Tolerance Principles

CMOH Order 32-2020 took effect September 17. The government’s new risk-based approach keeps protections in place for those who are most at risk of unknown exposure to COVID-19, and helps improve quality of life for those who are at lower risk.

CapitalCare centres have a high proportion of residents who are most at risk of unknown exposure to COVID-19. Visitation survey results indicate an overall preference for maintaining low-risk activities. Additionally, centres prefer that no more than 10 DSPs be in the building at any one time.

Town Hall Meetings

We are holding virtual town hall meetings this fall so that each centre can discuss the risk assessment review process, the results of their visitation surveys and how visitation is going, and plan for the busy holiday season approaching. Dates and times are posted on the Centres pages of this website along with your centre’s visiting hours.

Screening Process
The screening process involves a daily risk assessment, review of visitor responsibilities, training on how to properly wear a mask and hand washing. The process at the screening station can take up to 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can complete this process online. If you are completing the screening process online, we suggest doing it from a desktop computer or tablet. Check out the resources under the Quick Links section of this page to prepare, and ensure you allow time to complete the screening before your scheduled time.

Virtual Visits
These visits include telephone and video calls and are dependent on the availability of Wi-Fi in our buildings, and a sufficient number of staff to support the resident as needed. Please use the online form to schedule a virtual connection.

To prepare for a virtual connection refer to: Using Technology to Stay Connected with your Loved Ones.
You may also send messages to residents through CapitalCare Foundation's Let’s Connect postcard program.

If you have any further questions or comments please email us at:

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