CapitalCare has an established reputation in the research field. In the last two decades the organization has hosted more than 100 research projects conducted by university-based researchers.
One of the key outcome areas identified in CapitalCare's strategic plan is the use of information, research and evaluation to guide decisions, innovation and continuous improvement in care and quality of life for those we serve. 

CapitalCare's Research Unit was founded in the spring of 1996 and is headed by Senior Researcher, Dr. Doris L. Milke, M.Sc., Ph.D. The Research Unit supports corporate research and evaluation projects, as well as work on original research funded through external agencies.

Internship Program

Each Spring/Summer semester the Research Unit employs a third year psychology student from the University of Alberta, Department of Psychology's Internship Program. This program provides a student with the opportunity for 12 to 16 months of paid work experiences related to the study of psychology. During those months that the intern is employed by CapitalCare, he or she may be involved in many of the current research projects being completed by the Research Unit and is also responsible for completing his or her own student project during that time.

For more information on the Research Unit, please contact the Research Coordinator by email or call 780.413.4743.

Conducting Research

Researchers requesting to conduct research at CapitalCare’s centres must apply for operational approval. It is recommended that the application be sent to the committee a minimum of two weeks before the research is to commence. Ethics approval, as required by the Alberta Health Information Act, is also required before commencing research, but is separate from the operational approval process. Alberta Universities and Colleges have information on the ethics committee approved by this provincial act. Applications for research linked to the organization’s research themes (see below) will be given priority.

CapitalCare Operational Approval Application Form (Word form)

For more information on operational approval or the application process, please contact the Research Coordinator or call 780.413.4743.

Ongoing Research

The priority theme for research at CapitalCare is "to enhance the quality of life for residents, staff and families/friends." Within this overall priority, the following are sub-themes:

  • Quality of care for residents
  • Continuity of care for residents
  • The physical and social environment
  • Staff issues
  • Issues regarding family members/friends
  • Organizational issues     

View our list of ongoing research projects at CapitalCare.