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From a forced labour camp, a love story blooms

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Zofia attends the day program at the CapitalCare Kipnes Centre for Veterans where she finds enjoyment in the social events at the centre. Daughter-in-law Betty says the remarkable love story that began in the Nazi weapons factory always warms hearts. "We've always said; 'Even good can come out of evil'" Read More.


Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado's visit to Edmonton

Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado of Japan visited CapitalCare McConnell Place North last month to learn about our model for dementia care. Her Imperial Highness was in Edmonton to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of diplomatic relations beween Japan and Canada. Read More.


Slow revolution in seniors' care a welcome boon for Edmonton

Edmonton is several years into a much-needed revolution in seniors care. It started about five to seven years ago when several local leaders toured dementia-car facilities in The Netherlands and brough expert Dr. David Sheard here to speak. Read More.


 CapitalCare Norwood Project is moving forward - Construction will begin summer 2019

The extensive renovaton, redevelopment and expansion will include a new 40,000-square-metre main building...Read More


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